Glue for attaching steel and connecting steel – TGK-01

Glue for attaching steel and connecting steel – TGK-01

In fact, reinforcement plays a particularly important role in determining the bearing capacity of the structure. Therefore, the construction contractors are always careful when operating for connecting steel. With the technology currently applied, connecting steel in construction takes a lot of time, financial, and labor costs during the process of connecting steel. This process is also very complicated and must be especially careful because steel is very easy to separate if there is any impact during the steel connection.

TGK-01 glue product was born to address the situation of prolonged construction time of works due to waiting for steel connection or difficulties in the process of joining and removing formwork to prepare starter bar:

Firstly, connecting ordinary steel with 25-30D connecting length has wasted steel, making two non-concentric connecting rods leading to deviations of the host steel position, affecting the structure.
Secondly, connecting steel with complicated technological threaded pipes requires high accuracy and takes a lot of labor during the operation.

Compared with the above two cases, TGK-01 glue is both easy to use and highly effective to save costs and accelerate the construction process.

TGK-01 Glue can be used to:
Attach steel to concrete, Connect steel to steel ends, Attach glass to glass & Attach glass to concrete.

TGK-01 glue

Attach steel to concrete

  • Used in repairing, connecting reinforced concrete structures;
  • Simple, easy to use even in case of mounting steel on the ceiling, the glue will not melt down;
Tensile test for steel attached with TGK-01 glue to concrete – concrete break, no joint drop

No need starter bar for the next construction structure.
The depth of mounting steel> 5D is equivalent to that of starter bar, very simple for construction (applicable to both repair and new construction).

Connect steel to steel ends

  • Simple when using Thien Giang TGK-01 glue and iron pipe sizes equivalent to the size of steel to be connected;
  • Traction is equivalent to that of whole rebar (higher than that of steel-based glues available on the market);
  • Cost savings compared with conventional connectors (25 – 30D).
Tests to determine adhesion of TGK-01 glue to connect steel with telescopic tubes – break basic steel at laboratories of the National University of Civil Engineering in Hanoi

Assemble the panels to the steel frame

This glue can be used to assemble fixed TGPanel panels in less than 2 hours.


Reattach cracked wall

TGK-01 glue can be used for cracked walls. Here are some actual photos:

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